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Quarter Coaching

Quarter Coaching came at a pivotal time for me and my business. I needed mental clarity and direction. I knew what I wanted, but I wasn't sure how to achieve it. Sarah and NJ provided the guidance I needed.

They helped me focus my energy and simplify the systems I was using. They gave me the reassurance I needed that I could follow a different path. I now feel excited about the path we have defined and have found a better balance between work and personal life.
Kelli Bhattacharjee
Founder, Freebie Finding Mom

Quarter Coaching is a 90 day group coaching program that part equal parts strategy, accountability and mastermind. Our students drive their 90 day experience by setting a goal to focus on as the program kicks off.

Our role is to use every tool in our toolbox to help you achieve that goal. This program is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a one size fits all coaching model where everyone goes through the same framework.

Past student goals have included:

  • Adding recurring revenue by offering a new service or product.
  • Finishing a course they started to build but stalled out on.
  • Finishing and launching a book.
    Preparing for and hiring new team members.
  • Creating more margin in their life by streamlining their business offerings.

Guest Expert Coaching

Teaching in other communities is one of the favorite things we get to do. We’ve taught in person live, virtually and as recurring guest experts.

One Off Events & Speaking Engagements

We will collaborate with you to make sure your audience receives training that is full of action steps as well as strategy. It’s great to be told to do something in your business, but it’s even more powerful to understand WHY it should be done.

Past topics have included:

  • 5 Types of Traffic And Which One To Focus ON RIGHT NOW
  • Hidden Revenue You’re Completely Neglecting
  • Putting YOU Back In Community

Recurring Guest Expert Coaching

We learn your frameworks and meet with your clients so they can continue to make progress in your program. We combine what we know about current market trends and the latest digital marketing strategies with our years of experience to bring an unparalleled experience to your clients.

Coaching topics can include:

  • Market research and avatar creation
  • Offer creation
  • Copy (Sales pages, email sequences, etc)
  • Launching
  • Relationship marketing
  • Networking
  • Funnel design
  • Launch strategy
  • Team management
  • Customer journey

We can also provide direct feedback on your client’s copy, offers and funnel/website design.

Sarah and NJ continue to blow our clients away with their knowledge about offer creation, copy and funnels. Their deep industry knowledge, acumen on what converts and detailed feedback have been invaluable.

If you have the privilege to work with them—congratulations, they are the best of the best.
Eileen Wilder
Co-Founder, Elite Speakers

1:1 Consulting

You’ve grown your business to 7+ figures and need a trusted advisor to help you play the long game. We work deeply and directly with a handful of clients each year as strategic consultants.

This long term engagement begins with the end in mind- your goal for 6 months to a year from now. We leave no stone unturned to develop and outline a custom plan of action for you and your team to implement.

Using this model, we assisted Lamar & Ronnie Tyler of Tyler New Media prepare to scale and double their mastermind program. Working directly with us added an additional 100k+ to their launch.

By working with Sarah and NJ we improved our onboarding processes, engagement strategies, strengthened the team while hiring and onboarding new coaches behind the scenes.

All of that combined has strengthened our program and allowed us to have one of our better onboarding processes that we’ve had ever had.

I love how passionate you both are for us to get to our desired result. It comes through that you both wanted to see us succeed as clients and put everything into it to make that happen.
Lamar Tyler
Co-Founder and Ceo, Traffic Sales and Profit
It’s worth working with Sarah & NJ if you want to grow and scale your program, get your systems and processes in place, and have peace of mind as an owner and CEO. They are very knowledgeable because of the work that they’ve done, behind the scenes, working with businesses like ours. Sometimes you are working with people on things they haven’t done before but they’ve done it! We know they aren’t just giving us strategy that’s not proven, not just because you think it sounds good but because they’ve worked on teams that have actually executed the strategies before.

It’s rare that you work with people and they are so open to go above and beyond what’s on the paper, but that’s who Sarah and NJ are.
Ronnie Tyler
Co-Founder and COO, Traffic Sales and Profit