The Coaching Gals™️ 1:1 Direct Coaching Program

For The Business Owner Stuck In The “What Do I Do Next?” Mud And Ping-Ponging Between Overwhelm & Shiny Object Syndrome

Direct Coaching is an individual 1:1 experience that helps you achieve your unique online marketing, customer experience and business engagement goals.

Meet the Coaching Gals™️

Sarah Morrison & NJ Rongner

After coaching thousands of students in the Clickfunnels Two Comma Club X program and through Eileen Wilder’s Elite Speaker program, Sarah and NJ are excited to open their very own digital marketing focused group coaching program.

Both Sarah & NJ hold Certified Master Marketer status from Funnel Gorgeous where they passed a rigorous 3 part exam in the art and science of offer creation, copy and design. Both Sarah & NJ know how to set goals that move the needle forward, and crush those goals.

Sarah’s secret sauce is being able to see all of the moving pieces and pull out the ideas and tasks that will actually move your business forward in manageable bites to eliminate overwhelm

Sarah’s areas of expertise include: offer creation, avatar creation, value ladder design, lead magnets, sales and continuity offers, WordPress website creation and design, funnel design.

NJ’s secret sauce is understanding how to communicate your offer to the people you’d like to work with through copy, relationship marketing and organic social media.

NJ’s areas of expertise include: offer development, copywriting, relationship marketing, organic marketing, blogging, podcasting, community management, design and copy storyblocking for funnels.
Wondering what you could focus on during Direct Coaching?
Whatever it is that you decide, we’ll be there to hold you accountable and guide your steps.

What You Can Expect During Direct Coaching

Direct Voxer Access

We know that there are days when you just need to bounce an idea off of someone OR get stuck and need advice on how to move forward. We don’t ever want you to NOT be able to keep on the path towards your goal which is why we have Voxer access to us.

We will set up a group thread between you, Sarah and NJ. Simply type us a question or leave a 60 second or less audio message and we will respond back to you. Our voxer is checked Monday – Friday at 9:00 am EST, 12:00 pm EST and 4:00 pm EST.

(2) Coaching Calls Each Month

Twice per month we will meet on Zoom for an hour (at a time that is best for us all) and go over your progress, goals, and action steps for the upcoming week. Clarity is your friend! We want to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge needed to accomplish what is most important to your business. Our expertise lies in helping break down overwhelming steps in order to get there while shortcutting the time to your success through connections and coaching.

Content Review

Want to get a second set of eyeballs on an email, headline, sales page section or social media post before it goes out? As Certified Master Marketers, we know the importance of great copy and design AND how important it is that it interacts perfectly with your audience and offer.

Our content review submission deadline is Sunday at 10:00 pm EST and our review is sent back to you by end of day on Monday.


Before the beginning of our time together, we will ask you to set a goal that can be measured by a KPI. This goal will be specific, with action and purpose to move the needle forward in your business. It might be to increase your email list, grow your revenue, grow your community, connect with relationship partners, etc. It might also be to build a new offer, test a new CTA or complete a sales funnel.

Whatever goal you set, we will help keep you accountable to achieving that goal and avoid getting distracted by shiny objects.
all for just

$2,500 per month

with a 90-Day Commitment
It’s worth working with Sarah & NJ if you want to grow and scale your program, get your systems and processes in place, and have peace of mind as an owner and CEO. They are very knowledgeable because of the work that they’ve done, behind the scenes, working with businesses like ours. Sometimes you are working with people on things they haven’t done before but they’ve done it! We know they aren’t just giving us strategy that’s not proven, not just because you think it sounds good but because they’ve worked on teams that have actually executed the strategies before.

It’s rare that you work with people and they are so open to go above and beyond what’s on the paper, but that’s who Sarah and NJ are.

Direct Coaching Details

We only work with 4 Direct Coaching members each month.
This is a high touch, high level experience focused on moving the needle forward in YOUR business.

your coaches

Sarah Morrison & NJ Rongner

Sarah Morrison spent the last four years entrenched in high-ticket coaching programs, administering the most successful coaching programs in the industry as Director of Coaching for the Two Comma Club X coaching program at Clickfunnels and Senior Client Success Director for Traffic and Funnels. She has worked with the most successful business owners in their industries to build their funnels, grow their traffic, and fulfill for their clients.

Sarah is a mom of 6, Bravo TV addict and Starbucks lover. In her spare time she loves to read WWII fiction, quilt and complete 1,000 piece puzzles.
NJ Rongner has spent the last 7 years coaching in high ticket coaching programs including Boss Mom, Clickfunnels Two Comma Club X and Eileen Wilder’s Elite Speakers. As a Certified Master Marketer in offer, copy and design, NJ is an out of the box thinker when it comes to how to put together your irresistible offer your ideal customer will be lined up to purchase.

NJ is a mom of 2, loves Disney World and has never met a bad dad joke that didn’t make her smile. In her spare time, she loves to read and plan her next adventure for her family.
When you work with us, you work with us. Sarah and NJ. We don’t outsource our coaching, you will work with us directly. And we want to give you our focus and expertise without watering down our time. We will only work with 4 people directly each month… will you be one?