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In order for your value ladder to work effectively, you have to know what offers you have out there, what’s missing and what problems each offer solves…. not only for your current customers but for your prospects too!

So we created a free tool that will help you figure out your value ladder with our Offer Suite Audit, so you can successfully move people up through your offers!

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Hi, we're Sarah and NJ.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs banish shiny object syndrome and get laser focused on what moves the needle forward and matters most- in life and business.

We’ve spent 4+ years coaching under and leading programs from some of the world’s best digital marketers. Toot toot! That’s our horn.

We’ve coached for Russell Brunson, Eileen Wilder, Dr. Dharius Daniels, Dana Malstaff, Taylor Welch and Chris Evans. We’ve led teams at Clickfunnels, Boss Mom and Traffic & Funnels.

In a world of specialists, we are well-rounded unicorns. Except for paid traffic, it’s not our love language.​