About Sarah & NJ

Sarah Morrison and NJ Rongner are relationship focused digital marketing consultants and coaches. After working behind the scenes in the coaching industry for top names such as Clickfunnels and Traffic & Funnels, they decided to partner up and combine their genius.

They made their first six figures with no website, funnel, copy or ad spend.

Sarah and NJ were hand-picked by Russell Brunson to coach in his elite coaching program, Two Comma Club X and hold Certified Master Marketer status from Funnel Gorgeous where they passed a rigorous 3 part exam in the art and science of offer creation, copy and design.

Both Sarah & NJ know how to set goals that move the needle forward.. and crush those goals.

About Sarah Morrison

After coaching inside the Two Comma Club X program, Sarah transitioned to Clickfunnel’s Director of Coaching role where she led a team of 12 and helped grow the program by over 100%, earning a Two Comma Award for her work.

Later, as Director of Client Success at Traffic and Funnels, Sarah’s leadership led the company to the highest level of client success ever in her first quarter by reducing refund requests to their lowest numbers in company history and by completely eliminating disputes (a first time in company history).

Sarah’s secret sauce is being able to see all of the moving pieces and pull out the ideas and tasks that will actually move your business forward in manageable bites to eliminate overwhelm.

Sarah’s areas of expertise include: offer creation, avatar creation, value ladder design, lead magnets, sales and continuity offers, WordPress website creation and design, funnel design.

HOLY COW SARAH! I am blown away at the amount of value you provided on our first call just now. Thank you so much! So many good ideas. What you said about how we should be doing our coaching calls will be an absolute game changer for us.
Mark Bangerter
Director of Client Success, Publishing Life

About NJ Rongner

During her three years as a coach, NJ audited thousands of funnels, helped her members increase their sales and became known as the copy queen. She spent the majority of her time working with 7+ figure business owners, helping them create additional offers, pivoting their avatars and developing their teams.

NJ’s secret sauce is understanding how to communicate your offer to the people you’d like to work with through copy, relationship marketing and organic social media.

NJ’s areas of expertise include: offer development, copywriting, relationship marketing, organic marketing, blogging, podcasting, community management, design and copy storyblocking for funnels.

Big shoutout to NJ! She was able to help me refine my copywriting and headlines in a short amount of time on previous projects and funnels. I definitely want to give her credits on my results with her recommended tweaks!
Billy Inelus
Founder, Big Shot Beats

They believe in the power of building great relationships,
connecting deeply with those around them and being generous with their giftings.

It really boils down to this…

What is the role and goal of what you’re trying to accomplish and how can they use strategy and tactics to help make it happen for you?

That question is what drives everything they do.

Sarah and NJ have been featured on Inc, Funnelhacker Radio, Boss Moms, CBS News, NPR, Radio Boston, Funnel Gorgeous, The Better Life Project and What She Wishes You Knew.

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Sarah Morrison and NJ Rongner are on a mission to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses by leveraging relationships and ethical marketing practices. They’ve looked at thousands of funnels, websites, marketing plans and launches. They know what works, what doesn’t and more importantly, why it matters.